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New Grendel Song cover!

Hello! How are all of you? I can't complain because I've been busy creating new art and exploring my new home, the beautiful state of Washington. I'm taking a break to tell you guys a little about the latest edition of Grendel Song which features my second cover! Please go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or itunes and download it today. I'm so proud to make art for this magazine. I'm an avid (maybe obsessed) reader, and LOVE how many unique and entertaining stories Grendel Song features. I've become a fan of some of the very talented writers showcased in each edition. Give them some love! Me as well if you enjoy what you see.

Here is the website link.

They also have a Patreon if you would like to subscribe.

Meet Della. She also has a darker twin! She's so lovely and sparkly in person! I hope you love her. xo

Also a little fun! I have started painting a bunch of miniature pieces. I will be leaving them around Olympia and who knows where else in Washington. I'll put a business card and instructions on the back, if you find one I'd love for you to post it on your social media then tag my arbornight instagram or twitter and I'll give you a shout out!

Much love,

Arbor Night by Tania Risko

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