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Olympia Arts Walk 2024

Hello! Wow, what a weekend. The weather sure decided to not be nice. Thank you for coming out in the rain and wind. Thank you for supporting my small business, it means so much to me.

Another Oly Arts Walk for the books. I love Olympia and the way they support artist.

When we were stationed here almost 10yrs ago, we were still in guest housing looking for a place to rent, and I did my first arts walk (should be a blog about it). Olympia felt like home. I hit the ground running in my new state. I loved that I was asked while shopping, “ Are you an artist?”. Helped us decide when we retired, WA was where after 26yrs of service, we were planting our roots. I can’t imagine ever leaving. I’m always inspired. My phone is full of trees, mushrooms, moss, sunsets, animals, and mountains. Lots of textures. I look forward to Arts Walk, the different artist, mediums, the music, the parades and all the amazing people I get to meet now at my booth. So thankful for the city of Olympia & Gallery Boom for starting the whole letting us show case from our booths. Olympia police did awesome watching our booths overnight, thank you 😊

I’m already looking forward to Fall Arts Walk. Until then though, my next market is in Lacey with SWAE Night Market, May 4 4-9pm. Then I’m gearing up for Pride month. Stay tuned!!


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